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English Bridles  &  Browbands  -updated March 2,2016



English Bridles

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Bobby's Size Charts:    Pony     Cob     Full   Warmblood


Depending on the Style, add $15 or $20 for BOBBY'S Warmblood Size 






 Bridles - all new unless noted otherwise CR=Crank, Dbl= Double Bridle, FL=Flash, FS=Full sz, OS=Oversize, WB =Warmblood, COB=Small Horse, Arab,Cob

Bridles all come with Reins unless noted otherwise, All Double Bridles come with 2 Reins. PICTURES AVAILABLE!

  1. Bobby's Heavy Duty Hunt Bridles -available in Dark Brown or Black - Cob, Full or WB Sz.  Dark Brown with 3/4" Laced Reins in stock in Full Sz ($188) or WB Sz ($199)

  2. Bobby’s  Havana or Lt Brown Raised Fancy Stitch Padded (Crown, Noseband & Browband)  Snaffle Bridle w/ Matching Fancy Stitch  Laced Reins -  MSRP: $200 - RHR Price: $150- $165



3. Bobby's Plain Raised Bridle - Havana with white stitch, Lt Brown with white stitch, Dark Brown or Black with 5/8" Laced Reins -hook/stud ends- MSRP: $130 - RHR:  $95  




4. Bobby's Dark Brown  or Black with Brown Padding Bridle, No Flash, Rubber or  Laced Reins - MSRP: $165 RHR: $145-150




5 Bobby's  Black or Brown Padded Bridles Flash or No Flash - Wide or Regular Noseband - Handstop, Rubber or Laced Reins   MANY DIFFERENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE - MSRP: $160-$190  RHR: $145-18


   Bobby's Bridles - Some Options: 


6. Bobby's Drop Noseband Bridle (black or brown)- shown with Padded Brow and Laced Reins (other options available)-

MSRP: $175, RHR: $150-$160.



7. Bobby's BLACK, Havana, Light or Dark Brown Raised Figure 8 Bridle w/ Sheepskin or Wool Fleece Padded Nose & Laced or Rubber Reins -    MSRP: $210, RHR:  -$158



8. Bobby's Dark Brown Double Raised  FIGURE 8 w/ Laced Reins -  MSRP: $210 RHR: $169 



9. Bobby's Havana or Light Brown Fancy Stitch Figure 8 w/ Rubber or Laced Reins - MSRP: $210, RHR: $175    

ALSO available in Signature Leather - $199


         10. Bobby's  Black or Brown Flat Bridle  w/ Laced Reins - MSRP: $100, RHR: $90 for Cob or Full sz, $95 for WB sz 



 11. Bobby's  Dressage Collection Crank with Flash (or No Flash) Bridle  - available regular Italian Leather or Signature English Leather Black Padded Contoured MonoCrown, wider leather, elegant rounded buckles MSRP: $200 - 260, RHR: $175 - $225





      12. Bobby's  Black Padded Bridle with Flash or NO Flash Nose band,   Bridle comes with choice of  5/8"  Handstop or Laced reins-  Hook Stud or  Buckle to bit -  MSRP: $195 RHR:  $145 - 165 . 









1. Bobby's  Black Padded 14.5" or 15.5" - $25   WB sz 17.25" $30

2. Bobby's Brown Padded (brown padding shown - also available with white or black) 15.5" - $25, WB 17.25 $30





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